Editorial Services

Good editing ensures that nothing comes between your story and its potential publisher (including you, mister).

Query and Cover Letter Critique
Email draft of letter and finished manuscript synopsis, outline, and author bio.
A careful eye on some of the most important writing you’ll do. Queries and cover letters are your first (and often, last) chance to impress acquisitions editors with your clear and concise writing, professionalism, and grasp of where your book fits in the market. An engaging introduction will make your manuscript stand out from the pile. Mediocre queries risk being the only piece of your writing that will be read.

Manuscript Evaluation
Email word count, synopsis, and sample pages for an estimate.
Commission a report and discover where your work’s strong points are, where it could be improved, and where it fits in the market. You’ll get an idea of what level of editing it may need, and what that will cost. This editorial memo will be useful if you decide to revise yourself.
Manuscript evaluation will recommend an appropriate level of editing and establish a maximum number of hours for the project. Turnaround time will vary depending on the level of editing needed, which might include:

  • Developmental Editing Substantial editing at the idea level. Assessment of basic elements such as plot, structure, pacing, and characterization can involve major changes, and edits will take the form of rewrite suggestions rather than editor’s marks.
  • Line Editing Once a manuscript’s major elements are solid, the next editorial pass concerns clarity, organization, and tone. There will be occasional rewriting on the part of the author.
  • Copy Editing A careful vetting of style issues and elements like logic, accuracy, grammar, continuity, and word choice.
  • Proofing The lightest of editing. Concerns mechanical issues like typographical errors, and catches simple spelling and grammar mistakes.

For Academics
Email sample pages/chapters for estimate.

  • Articles for publication  See manuscript evaluation.
  • Students There’s less I can do for you developmentally, but I’m happy to copy edit or smooth out/localize your English.

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