I wrote a children’s book. Make Peachtree publish it!
Hell no, you have to submit to them like everyone else–no special treatment from Katya. Working with me is NOT a foot in the door with Peachtree. No no no. Sorry, but there’s just no other ethical way to treat that one.

Will working with you get me published?
Yes and no. I can give you:

  • feedback that will help you improve as a writer,
  • insight into how publishers will see your work, and
  • tools to revise specific material as needed.

There are many dishonest “agents” and “editors” out there who prey on novice writers. They may lead you to believe that their services provide an inside track to getting published, or that publishers require manuscript submissions to be professionally edited. Not so.

Do you work in any particular genre?
I have the most experience in three areas: popular fiction, science fiction, and children’s books. I do work in most other areas, as all the genres share a need for good writing and structure.

Can I request a specific level of editing for my work?
Yes and no. I will happily pay extra attention to specific elements at your request. However,  I will not waste your time and money copy editing a manuscript with serious structural problems.
Manuscript evaluation is mandatory for any editing job. You deserve to know exactly what your book needs, and I’ll tell you.
Requesting multiple levels of editing is perfectly fine, but the different types of editing do need to be done one at a time, with conversations with you between the passes.


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