About the Avenger

I’ve been doing this for about six years, working in a pretty interesting variety of genres: memoirs, academic papers, nonfiction,  romance, and science fiction. I’ve spent the past two years in the editorial department of Peachtree Publishers, working in acquisitions and development, and managing manuscript submissions. I also work in subrights there, the sale of reprint and translation licensing, which means I help shop our books around to foreign publishers and evaluate potential foreign imports for our house. My previous experience consisted of copy editing, translation, and writing for various organizations around the US and Brazil.

I used to run a monthly publishing workshop with Wonderroot and spoke on the Writers Track panel “What Editors Want” at Dragon*Con last year–this year’s panel TBA. I’ve done presentations at local elementary schools and the SCAD writing center. Write me if you’re looking for a class visit!

My perspective on writing is unusual for this field. I do have about six years of editorial experience, both freelance and for publishers. Unlike most of the people you’ll find in this business, though, my background is not in English, but linguistics. I’m concerned with how languages actually work, not how people think they should. I believe the mark of good writing is accessibility, rather than arbitrary (and often antiquated, and wrong) ideas of correctness.

I have a masters degree in linguistics from the University of Hawaii, with a focus on endangered and minority language documentation and conservation. I taught a college-level writing-intensive linguistics class there, and my studies included dictionary design and a course in professional copyediting.


One response to “About the Avenger

  1. Jean Kirschman

    I love you already!!!! I just saw the twins this weekend and they are going to be beautiful! I should have kept in touch! This is Chachi’s Mom. I just published my first book and my second book is the “Polka Pony Adventures”. Still working on it. I remember Baby!
    Jean Kirschman

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