The dotted line

Regarding freelance editing, do you offer a contract between yourself, the freelance editor, and your clients, the one seeking editorial assistance?

Of course. If it’s around $300 or less, I don’t usually bother with a contract but will always draw one up if my client wants it–never work with anyone who resists putting their fees, services, and delivery in writing for you. Here’s a pretty comprehensive checklist of other issues to keep in mind when hiring an independent editor.

[Also,] there is a contest that I initially debated entering, [redacted]. Upon my above colleague’s advice, I took the risk. Is this type of contest a scam in your opinion?

I was terrified of clicking the link you sent, expecting to see a hefty entry fee or a Who’s Who scam. Don’t worry about that “contest,” though–it’s a cute first-lines blog contest with an interesting prize and no risk. Hell of an idea; I might borrow it. Watch out for fee-based contests promising publication to the winners (and free contests offering publication for a fee)–those are the ones that need vetting.

Generally, though, if there’s nothing to lose, there’s nothing to worry about.


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